Operations Coordinator Intern, Plenty

Laramie, WY

Position Title: Operations Coordinator Intern

Organization: Plenty

Location: Laramie, WY

Organization Overview:  Plenty is on a mission to make fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables more accessible to everyone.  Our cutting-edge indoor, vertical farms produce extraordinary yields using a fraction of the land and water outdoor farms need.  Nutrient-rich, mouth-watering and locally grown, the crops help people, communities and the planet to be healthier and more resilient.

The people and teams who make up Plenty are at the core of how they do this. Currently a collaborative and innovative bunch.  They are passionate about their contributions to Plenty, the communities around and the planet, but never take themselves too seriously.  Down to Earth, growing together, and always find a way.  Most importantly, they are here to improve the lives of plants, people and the planet.  

Position Overview: Plenty’s Operations team is currently seeking an Operations Coordinator intern to participate in the paid internship program. As an Operations Coordinator Intern, you will partner with Operations Coordinators to ensure the successful execution of projects related to active research trials. You will use project management tools and root cause analysis techniques to define, measure, and enable the execution of related projects. You’ll also foster deep relationships with many teams across Plenty, including Farm Operations, Engineering, Data and Program Management, to define objectives and share results.


Project Management:

  • Understand why research lines are important to Farm Operations, Engineering, and the company as a whole and understand why your projects are critical to research success
  • Understand research space functionality and understand how your projects relate to increasing space functionality
  • Participate in focused sub-projects related to upcoming research plans or improving operations. Define project scope, budget, and resources. Obtain manager approval and provide regular reports as to project progress


  • Understand where, how, when, and why all data from an experiment is produced and how data filters through Plenty’s data pipeline to preserve and communicate results
  • Utilize a variety of data types to inform decisions for your projects and programs. Partner with the Data team to create reports and define data collection methods

Process Improvement:

  • Conduct root cause analyses on successes and failures throughout your projects
  • Identify areas for process improvement, using a variety of metrics and data points to demonstrate sustained improvement. Recommend necessary changes to drive continuous improvement


  • Junior or Senior undergraduate level full-time student
  • Education background in agriculture, plant science, business, operations management, project management, or a related field, or equivalent experience
  • Past experience in a research- or agriculture-oriented industry preferred but not required
  • Introductory knowledge of Plant Science and/or Controlled Environment Agriculture preferred but not required
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Ability to stand for extended periods

Timeline: 89 days

How to Apply: Please view the full online job description that includes an online application.