Seasonal Maintenance Craftsman, Lucky Peak State Park

Boise, ID

Position Title: Seasonal Communications & Office Aides

Organization: Lucky Peak State Park

Location: Boise, ID


  •  Facility Maintenance (20-40%): Maintains and repairs panels, circuits, wiring, and related systems. Replaces switches, receptacles, ballast’s, fuse boxes, heat systems, motors, fans and lights. Repairs electric motors and extension cords. Maintains and repairs plumbing fixtures, lavatories, faucets, sinks, tubs, water heaters and water service and drain lines. Cleans/unclogs pipes, tanks, floor drains and sewers. 
  • Grounds Maintenance (15-25%): Installs domestic, irrigation, and sprinkler systems. Removal, processing, and planting of trees. Mowing, trimming, and weed whacking. 
  • Carpentry and Construction (20-40%): Installs ceramic floor and wall tile, linoleum, plastic laminate, and similar products. Repairs built-up, shake, shingle, and other roofs. Patches holes in walls using sheetrock, plywood, tile, and plaster. Builds walls, partitions, benches, decks, and tables. Builds and sets forms and pours and finishes concrete. Builds fences and gates. 
  • General Operations (40-50%): Conducts preventive maintenance and inspections on buildings, marina docks, and fire suppression and fuel line systems. Operates equipment used in building maintenance and repair, i.e., tractors, backhoe, chainsaw, table saw, miter saw, etc. Performs machinist work involving design and fabrication of specialized parts and equipment. Welds and repairs and fabricates brackets, fixtures, and similar items. Rebuilds motors and performs mechanical and preventive maintenance work on equipment. Repairs appliances. Functions as a co-leader with park rangers over other seasonal maintenance staff and assists with general related trade duties. 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Employee must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Has or will obtain a valid driver’s license by start date.
  • Ability to pass a background check.
  • Able to perform routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning rest rooms, operate a variety of equipment, follow written and oral instructions, perform moderately heavy labor, work under adverse weather conditions, and deal appropriately and tactfully with others.
  • Some knowledge of groundskeeping, i.e., mowing, trimming, small engine repair, and irrigation.
  • Good knowledge of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and general building maintenance.

Start/End Dates: Flexible but are expected to be between late May and early September. Other positions have an earlier start or a later end date. See full job description for more information.

Salary/Pay: $14-16 per hour

Application Deadline: April 21

How to Apply: Please send your cover letter, resume, and 1 letter of recommendation to