Recreation Program Manager, Sheridan Community Land Trust

Sheridan, WY

Position Title: Recreation Program Manager

Organization: Sheridan Community Land Trust

Location: Sheridan, WY

Organization Overview: Sheridan Community Land Trust works to preserve Wyoming’s heritage of open spaces, healthy rivers and creeks, working ranches, wildlife habitat, and vibrant history, while expanding recreation opportunities to connect people with the places they love.

Position Overview: The Sheridan Community Land Trust (SCLT) seeks a positive, resourceful, and experienced Recreation Program Manager (RM). The RM’s role will be a combination of on-trail and off-trail work. Approximately 60% of the time will be on-trail work including ensuring trails are maintained, communicating to the public, designing and flagging routes and grades, supervising trail construction and seasonal trail maintenance staff, and leading groups of volunteers. The other 40% of the time will be off-trail including contracting, trail and broader recreation planning, and securing right of way and/or access agreements. You will possess interpersonal communication skills and be comfortable leading trail crews, trainings, meetings, and more. You will lead with confidence, keep it fun, and show empathy and respect for others.


  • Engage and educate community members (on and off-trail) regarding responsible use of SCLT non-motorized trail systems. Act as an ambassador for SCLT and educate users and volunteers about SCLT’s programs in the community. Convey best trail use practices, Leave No Trace principles, trail design/construction and maintenance concepts, and generally be available to answer user-related questions.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact with neighbors, landowners, community members, and all agencies and land managers regarding the construction, development, maintenance, and use of both terrestrial and water trails.
  • Coordinate the completion of new trail construction. You will supervise trail construction completed by contractors and ensure the work of contractors upholds SCLT standards and expectations.
  • Expedite construction using contractors by developing and permitting route revisions when needed; securing advance project resources such as culverts, fences, and bridges; and coordinating reporting to partners and agencies.
  • In collaboration with the SCLT Executive Director, you will manage the contractor procurement process and contracts for professional builds. Assist in the hiring of seasonal trail technician(s).
  • Supervise seasonal trail technician(s), Youth Corps, and volunteers.
  • Purchase, design (with assistance from Marketing Manager), and installation of trail wayfinding signage. Provide review of trail system kiosks. Lead in the installation of trail system kiosks.
  • Oversee and lead trail system maintenance. Assess needs, maintain a list of trail maintenance and infrastructure priorities including trailheads, have a plan for their implementation and ensure maintenance tasks are complete with assistance from the seasonal Trail Technician(s) and community volunteers.
  • You will ensure routine maintenance such as trimming, mowing, collecting trash and dog waste, clearing log jams from water trails, and weed management with assistance from seasonal trail technician(s) and community volunteers. You will lead in technical projects on the ground, including trail drainage improvements, installation of signage, benches, and routine minor trail improvements.
  • Schedule, organize, and lead routinely scheduled volunteers as well as special event volunteer opportunities. This includes school groups, business groups, and mixed groups.
  • Manage SCLT’s Trail Ambassador program and ensure Ambassadors have the resources they need to succeed.
  • Oversee all trail staff and volunteer maintenance of equipment and supplies for trail work, ensuring proper maintenance, sufficient quantity/quality, and registration (of vehicles and trailers), and maintain relevant documentation.
  • Design, measure grade, and flag new trail alignments. Additionally, incorporate SCLT leadership, contractors, and relevant board members in design, grade, and alignment considerations.
  • Advance SCLT’s recreation mission by searching out new recreational opportunities, developing concepts, gaining support, producing the design, securing permissions.
  • Assist SCLT leadership to secure funding through grants, fundraising, and fundraisers.
  • Assist SCLT leadership in acquiring the workforce by procuring contractors or coordinating volunteers to see projects through to completion.
  • Assist with educational and membership support activities, including non-trail-related events.
  • Organize and lead periodic Recreation Work Group meetings, keeping staff, colleagues, and SCLT volunteers up to date on the trail program activities or brainstorm new projects
  • Assist with administrative and office responsibilities as needed.
  • Occasionally assist with other programs volunteer events.
  • Perform other miscellaneous tasks as needed.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated experience with all aspects of trail building and maintenance.
  • Ability to drive a truck with a trailer.
  • Proven experience managing volunteers and/or paid crews in the field, accomplishing projects safely and effectively.
  • Ability to mediate disputes and navigate interpersonal conflict between stakeholders.
  • Experience with record keeping and documentation.
  • Basic First Aid/CPR certification; or ability to become certified.
  • Ability to do hard manual labor for extended periods, lift 50 pounds, hike multiple miles, and spend entire days working in inclement weather.
  • Experience operating and maintaining power tools including small engines. Preferred experience operating machinery such as mini excavator, skid steer, and powered wheelbarrow. Ability to perform basic maintenance on such equipment.
  • Proficient with general office software.
  • Possess strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Possess leadership skills necessary to lead crews, meetings, volunteers, and trainings.
  • Ability to balance competing objectives.
  • Possess excellent time management skills.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience mapping and designing new trails.
  • Experience with mapping or GIS software.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate plans for new trails to stakeholders.
  • Experience working with government partners such as the USFS, BLM, and State.

Start Dates: As soon as possible

Salary/Pay: $40,000 – $45,000 / year

Application Deadline: June 15

How to Apply: Please use the online application to view the full job description as well as how to apply.