Wyoming Climate Coordinator, Wyoming Outdoor Council

Lander, WY

Position Title: Wyoming Climate Coordinator

Organization: Wyoming Outdoor Council

Location: Lander, Wyoming

Organization Overview: Founded in 1967, the Wyoming Outdoor Council is the state’s oldest independent conservation organization. They use western science and Indigenous traditional ecological knowledge as well as legal and policy expertise to advocate for public land, wildlife, clean air and water. They seek lasting change by striving to meet people where they are, valuing diverse perspectives, building coalitions, and practicing reciprocity. They hold government agencies, lawmakers, and industries accountable for decisions that threaten the land, wildlife, clean air and water everyone depends on. They are a steadfast and trusted conservation voice at the state legislature. They are a membership organization, and they support and empower people to be effective advocates in their communities.

Position Overview: A strong case can be made that climate change poses the single biggest challenge facing Wyoming’s environment and economy in modern history. Not only is Wyoming disproportionally a huge part of this global problem, contributing approximately 14% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the state is also vulnerable economically and environmentally to the effects of climate change. With over 50% of Wyoming’s state budget derived from fossil fuels and little political will currently to address climate change, there is an opportunity and need to build grassroots support for local climate solutions that reduce emissions and help create a broader culture of climate action around the state. Strong local efforts are already underway in Laramie, Lander, and Jackson, with notable support in other communities like Pinedale, Cody, and Casper. More work is needed to assist these efforts and grow the network of climate advocates across Wyoming. In this position, you will work to identify, train, and support local leaders and climate advocates in communities around the state. You will work closely with WOC’s Energy and Climate Policy Director and communications staff to coordinate and strategize with citizens and community leaders to help bolster grassroots efforts for climate action and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You will work to empower advocates by providing tools and resources they need to expand local climate action within their communities and leverage grant funding from programs and agencies to achieve tangible success reducing greenhouse emissions.


  • Travel to and convene community listening sessions in multiple communities around the state and host local stakeholder meetings to discuss climate change and address how communities can get more involved in reducing emissions. (Travel estimated as ~30% of work).
  • Identify, recruit, cultivate, and train citizen advocates who are interested in organizing climate efforts in their communities.
  • Ensure a diversity of voices, especially those that have been historically underrepresented, are brought into the conversation and are part of the organizing efforts.
  • Provide and share best practices, templates, resources, technical expertise, and facilitation skills as necessary to help local groups organize and build an active presence within their communities.
  • Build cohesion among the network of climate advocates in Wyoming communities by helping to lead shared initiatives, research, and events, such as future climate summits and green job/tech fairs.
  • Use basic communications platforms (facebook, instagram, website, etc.) to leverage and highlight local success stories and events on social media and in the press.
  • Present information and advocate local solutions on climate change to citizens and community leaders including city councils, county commissioners, organized groups, and planning and zoning commissions.
  • Assist communities to access fundraising opportunities and resources.


  • Up for the tough challenge of working to address climate change in Wyoming.
  • A connector and an organizer who understands how to bring people together and happy to facilitate a discussion.
  • A demonstrated ability to build relationships with people across the political spectrum and seek to find common ground and practical solutions whenever possible.
  • Understand the importance of meeting people where they are, geographically and socially.
  • Self-motivated and enjoy leading own projects, but also works well with a team.
  • Thoughtful and attentive to details and schedules. Seek inclusion and build relationships to engage missing voices and perspectives in decision making.
  • Prioritize developing a strong understanding of policy and facts, but are humble and aren’t
    afraid to ask for help, input, or advice.
  • Understand the challenges of organizing in a conservative rural state, the general workings and process of local governments, and what it takes to build trust in less familiar communities.
  • A valid driver’s license and are experienced working on Apple devices and the standard suite of office tools and technology, including Google Docs. Comfortable using Zoom, but also aware of its limitations. Aren’t afraid to learn new systems. Efficiently share documents and other files in the Google Suite collaborative work environment.
  • Committed to the mission of the Wyoming Outdoor Council and will support and
    contribute to their equity & belonging work.

Start/End Dates: ASAP

Salary/Pay: $45,760 with comprehensive benefits package. (If you are interested in a part-time position, please indicate this on your application. Starting part-time salary and benefit information available on request)

Application Deadline: May 30

How to Apply: View the flyer for more information. Email a letter of interest explaining how your experience and skills make you the right person to join their team. Include a resume and three references (with contact and relationship information) to Misti Haase at misti@wyomingoutdoorcouncil.org (please put “Wyoming Climate Coordinator” in the subject).