Team Leader, Summer Research Apprentice Program (SRAP)

Laramie, WY

Job Title: Team Leader

Organization: Summer Research Apprentice Program (SRAP)

Type of opportunity: The Summer Research Apprentice Program (SRAP) is looking for two wonderful and well qualified undergraduate students to work with 12 high schools students from diverse backgrounds.

Contact: Lisa Marie Abeyta, SRAP Project Coordinator, Wyoming EPSCoR Office, (307) 766-6059,


  • Maintain professional composure when dealing with a variety of issues concerning participants (e.g., issuance of violations for rule infractions, helping write papers, etc.) and/or SRAP staff
  • Establish and maintain a trusting/compatible relationship with program participants while respecting individuality and cultural values
  • Serve as a positive role model for program participants
  • Be available for team members and assorted SRAP needs
  • Supervise high school participants living in UW residence halls
  • Be on-call on a 24-hour basis
  • Work supportively with the faculty and other staff
  • Plan and conduct evening & weekend program activities for participants
  • Participate as a team member by attending team meetings
  • Participate as a group leader in daily activities
  • Know SRAP rules, procedures, and enforce as needed
  • Possess an above average knowledge of UW programs and resources
  • Be familiar with the campus and be able to guide students through the system
  • Maintain and display a positive attitude towards the goals and objectives of the program
  • Be a team player with other professional staff and be willing to help in demanding situations and presenting a united front to participants
  • Chaperon weekend/evening excursions along with recreational activities

Salary/pay: Team Leader Salary (paid in two lump sums) =$3,375 (minus appropriate taxes), plus full room and board for the duration of the program period

Link to more information:

How to apply: Submit a Letter of interest, CV/Resume,  and two work-related references to Lisa Marie Abeyta, SRAP Project Coordinator, Wyoming EPSCoR Office, (307) 766-6059,