Heavy Equipment Operator/Reclamation Specialist, Rocky Mountain Reclamation

Laramie, WY

Job Title: Heavy Equipment Operator/Reclamation Specialist

Organization: Rocky Mountain Reclamation

Location: Laramie, WY


– Operating newer, four wheel drive John Deer tractors and managing one or more implements for seedbed preparation, seeding, applying soil amendments, mulching, and similar revegetation techniques (a major portion of your work).
– Applying reclamation and revegetation techniques to real field projects throughout the western United States.
– Depending on your education and background, assisting with field collection of vegetation data for baseline, interim, and bond release studies on mines and other projects (cover, production, density, diversity studies.)
– Installing erosion control materals (bonded fiber mattrices, erosion control matting, rip rap, mulches, etc.)
– Planting trees, shrubs, flowers, etc
– Fine grading and shaping
– Sodding and Seeding
– Setting landscape boulders
– Installing and maintaining sprinkler systems
– Operating landscape equipment
– Install fencing
– Applying hydraulic mulch and related products on slopes and special areas.
– Hydroseeding
– Installing erosion control materials
– Occasionally planting trees, shrubs, and wetland species.
– Completing misc. tasks to assist with everyday operations, including welding, equipment repairs, project organization, materials handling, etc.
– Doing heavy physical labor.
– Equipment maintenance and repairs.


– Must be able to work well without supervision & relate well with company personnel and clients, as well as read specifications and plans and follow detailed instructions.
– This is a hands-on position – you’ll work with your crew to complete the projects timely and efficiently. Compensation to match your qualifications and experience.
– This position is for individuals willing to work hard, who strive for quality workmanship, and who desire to see their efforts provide a valuable service to the environment. You should enjoy traveling and working outdoors. You should be detail-oriented and willing to handle a wide variety of tasks.
– A working knowledge of computers and MS Word and Excel is preferred. Although you will work with other people daily, your position will be mostly self-directed (after training) and you should be comfortable with meeting deadlines and working long hours in the field. An individual with a strong farm background or similar experience is preferred/required.
– You must have or be capable of qualifying for a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) to assist with equipment movement from one project to the next.

Salary/pay: Negotiable based on previous experience

How to apply & application deadline: Email resume to Carmen Roth: carmenr@reveg.us