Internship, Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Business Association

Lander, WY

Position Title: Internship

Organization: Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Business Association

Organization Overview: Wyoming Outdoor Recreation Business Association is a nascent organization being developed to represent the interests of businesses, clubs, and individuals related to the OR industry in Wyoming. They are nearly finished with our research phase being conducted to determine the best path of formal organization, membership criteria, funding formulas, and best course of action to highlight the impact to the State economy.

Position Overview: Currently looking for an intern to help research, highlight, and then clearly articulate the total economic impact of outdoor recreation on Lander and surrounding communities.

The ideal candidate will possess great communication skills and the ability to accurately capture the essence and spirit of conversations had with groups and individuals related to OR in the region. Looking for someone who is a motivated self-starter and is also comfortable meeting new people, conducting interviews, and digging for relevant data.


  • Identify and make a calendar of all outdoor recreation related events in the region (Lander, Red Desert, Pinedale, Dubois).
  • Develop a plan to embed at those events as well as at locations in the region where recreation is happening outside of events. (i.e., climbers, fisherfolk, backpacking, ATV users, back country horse people etc…).
  • Come up with interview questions related to economic impact determinants to include questions related to lodging, food and bev., gasoline, and other related expenses. Schedule and conduct those interviews (can we determine a statistically reliable “n” for number of interviews?)
  • Meet with WYORBA staff regularly (at least weekly?) to discuss progress, hurdles, necessary changes in plan / schedule / direction.
  • Compile data and write report.

The position will involve some travel, attending events, embedding in recreation sites to interview participants, as well as aggregating the findings into cohesive and coherent reportage.

The position will primarily operate independently but will have regular communication with the project director, Michael Kusiek and project communications associate, Susan Herrington.


  • Ten dollars per hour for a total of 400 hours to be completed over ten weeks.
  • Looking for some kind of lodging assistance.


June 14: Earliest Start Date –it can be arranged to either have fewer than 40 hours per week or have a break in the schedule for the intern.  Ideally, the intern would be available for both the International Climbers Festival (ICF) and Jurassic Classic events.

June 27: Latest Start Date

July 15: ICF

August 19: Jurassic Classic Mountain Bike Festival

How to Apply: Contact Mike Kusiek at 307-760-9035 or, or to request additional information