Agency Toxics Coordinator, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

Portland, OR

Position Title: Agency Toxics Coordinator

Organization: Oregon Department of Environmental Quality  

Position Overview: You will serve as DEQ’s primary resource on toxics, providing policy and technical leadership and coordination on toxic chemical issues that cross the Air, Land, and Water programs. You will be responsible for developing and advancing DEQ’s Toxics Reduction Strategy (TRS) and Safer Alternatives efforts to achieve measurable reductions in chemicals negatively impacting Oregon’s environments, ensuring all communities have the opportunity to thrive.  You will do this by working with staff and leadership across all of DEQ’s programs. You will collaborate with other Oregon state agencies and local governments, agencies in other states, Federal agencies, Tribal governments, and NGOs at the local, state, and national level to understand trends, best practices, and opportunities for proactive interventions. As the Agency expert, you will have independent decision making authority in working with many of these entities.

Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in a physical science, environmental science, or closely related field, AND 5 years of experience in a natural resource or environmental field (an equivalent combination of education and experience is acceptable). At least 1 year of experience at a technical or professional level performing activities in a natural resource program such as coordinating and monitoring project activities, developing policy, applying pertinent laws and regulations, conducting investigations, or researching and interpreting data.

Preferred Qualifications: 

  • Experience in toxics reduction and toxic chemicals; knowledge of chemistry, toxicology, risk assessment, and pathway exposure.
  • Experience in environmental justice and understanding the cumulative and disproportionate impacts to underrepresented communities
  • Good working knowledge of regulations affecting air, land, and water quality, including permitting differences, different approaches to applying regulations, and differences in implementing federal policies.
  • Ability to respectfully analyze, appreciate, and synthesize multiple perspectives, backgrounds, and priorities; flexibility, patience, and good facilitation skills; skilled at enabling teamwork.
  • Strong program analysis skills; ability to evaluate current and potential future needs, and visualize and communicate any necessary recommendations; creative; innovative.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills; skill in writing clear and concise reports describing complex industries and regulatory requirements. Audiences range from technical experts to DEQ leadership to the general public.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with staff, many sectors of the public, and other natural resource agencies, including communicating technical information; professional level writing and presentation acumen.

Salary/pay: $5,614 – $8,619

How to apply: Please click here to apply and to view the full job description. 

Application Deadline: May 23