Administration Director, Poudre Learning Center

Greeley, CO

Position Title: Administration Director

Organization: Poudre Learning Center

Position Overview: The Administrator of the Poudre Learning Center (PLC) is responsible for the overall leadership and management of the PLC. The Administrator has board authority to govern the operations, mission, goals, and strategic objectives as approved by the Board of Directors. Primary responsibilities include implementation of strategic plans, staff management and development, environmental science education curriculum, financial management, fundraising in concert with the PLC Foundation (PLCF), marketing, developing community relations, PLC program training, promotion, evaluation, and building organizational partnerships.

  • Financial management of the PLC and PLCF, reporting, systems development, and monitoring.
  • Develop a fundraising strategy with the PLCF and design management system.
  • Creation of “friends” and consistent donor pipeline.
  • Identify and create “friends” and solicit corporate donors.
  • Enhance K-12 programming to provide better value for School Districts.
  • Recruit School Districts in Northern Colorado.
  • Recruit and manage a volunteer database.
  • Manage and deliver on the PLC strategic plan and incorporate the mission, vision, and
  • values of District 6.
  • Recruit qualified staff and provide for their development.
  • Recruit necessary board/foundation members and ensure engagement.
  • Develop a plan, both short and long term to bring the PLC and PLCF together.
  • Develop a marketing model and the right staffing to support it.
  • Develop a scheduling and capacity plan to deliver on increased numbers of school
  • districts participation to meet revenue targets.
  • Increase PLC awareness amongst school districts and the community through impact
  • storytelling (social media, campaigns, etc.).
  • Develop a system/process for management of staff performance and implement District
  • 6 performance measures & key performance indicators.
  • Develop and manage a system/process to review organizational performance as outlined
  • in the key performance indicators.
  • Identify and develop processes and systems that are missing to deliver on the
  • strategy/capabilities.
  • Develop strong relationships with alliances, the board/foundation, the community, staff, and customers (school districts).
  • Identify and recruit key partners and alliances of the PLC.
  • Develop a formalized partnership and alliance management system through transparent and open communication.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Management 10 or more years of Non-profit management experience in operational environment
  • 5 or more years management or supervisory experience
  • Extensive fundraising and grant writing experience
  • Knowledge of and experience with public education, especially in science
  • Experience in educational environments
  • A leader in staff development, education, retention, and evaluation.
  • Demonstrates leadership in the advancement of an environmental awareness, education, and outreach.
  • Demonstrates success in fundraising, partnering, grant-writing and public relations.
  • Demonstrates ability to implement a vision based on the mission and strategic plan.
  • Demonstrates competent fiscal, personnel, and program management skills.
  • Familiarity with effective methods of science instruction to envision, develop, and manage implementation of creative and effective environmental education programs.
  • Must have First Aid or EMT Training and Water Safety Instructor Training and keep certifications current.
 Salary/pay: $73,298-$107,684

How to apply & application deadline: Apply online here