Outdoor Recreation Planner, Powell Economic Partnership 


Job Title: Outdoor Recreation Planner, AmeriCorps VISTA

Organization: Powell Economic Partnership

Organization Overview: Powell Economic Partnership (PEP) is a leading Economic Development organization in Northwest Wyoming, and works to improve the quality of life and create wealth for the Powell Valley and Park County. PEP’s VISTA program is a chance to experience a beautiful area, gain valuable work experience and professional development while serving with a team of like-minded people. The VISTA Outdoor Recreation Planner will work closely with PEP’s Executive Director to develop, plan, design and implement outdoor recreation programs and spaces to meet the objectives of PEP’s Outdoor Recreation Program. Powell, WY is located 75 miles outside of Yellowstone National Park in Park County. Our county is comprised of 80% federally managed lands including National Parks, National forest, Bureau of Reclamation, and Bureau of Land Management. Due to the remote location and volume of public land, access isn’t well marked, nor are materials available to encourage and guide access, especially for low-income populations. Often times people living in poverty do not create habits to exercise and use the regenerative power of nature to create a better mindset and personal growth to elevate themselves out of poverty. The VISTA – Outdoor Recreation Planner will: – Help identify and define challenges and possible solutions of using and managing the area’s “front country” lands; – Gather information on user groups, their purposes, habits, and concerns to find commonalities; – Highlight gaps in process and resources for land managers; – Partner with various federal, state, county, and city stakeholders and facilitate healthy and productive discussions; – Help develop possible solutions incorporating economic models consistent with the agricultural and tourist economy of the area The final product for this VISTA position is a complete visual and written assessment of the challenges, research, and goals for front country outdoor recreation in Park County. The minimum age for applicants is 21. 

Duties: The member will define the challenges of creating front country access to public lands, research solutions, and create goals for products.

  1. Define Challenges: Member will bike/hike/walk the trails; take photos and videos to document use of lands and document the user experience.
  2. Research Solutions. Evaluate community reports from various entities that assess recreation. Collect feedback from stakeholders including land managers, community members, and tourists to identify commonalities and highlight gaps in resources and the management process.
  3. Define projects: based on user feedback, suggest trail/outdoor rec projects and how products will be maintained long-term including economic support and personnel.
  4. All VISTA member activities will be complete with the intention of creating a visual and written assessment of the challenges, research, and goals for front country outdoor recreation in Park County by the end of their year of service.

Application Deadline: April 30

How to Apply: Please click here to view the full job description as well as how to apply. Please direction any questions to Rebekah Burns, (520) 780-3089, 111 S Day St, Powell, WY 82435, or jessica.williams@powellchamber.org