Outdoor Education, Sheridan Community Land Trust

Sheridan, WY

Job Title: Outdoor Education– Discovery Session Coordinator (Contracted Seasonal)

Organization: Sheridan Community Land Trust

Location: Sheridan, Wyoming


  • Organize two Discovery Sessions per month for your term of 6 months.
  • Includes contacting and securing community members and/or community organizations to serve as the Discovery Session’s instructor
  • Setting dates and times for the Discovery Sessions
  • Collecting materials to promote the description and needs for each session
  • Communicate the date, times, and details to the SCLT marketing staff so they can develop timely marketing materials at least two weeks in advance of each session.
  • Answering community questions about each Discovery Session Staff each Discovery Session
  • Includes arriving early for setup
  • Capturing sign-in and release forms from attendees
  • Promoting SCLT and introducing session instructor/speaker at the beginning of each event
  • Capture photos and head counts
  • Stay for the whole session and clean up after the event Follow-up
  • Either during or after the session, capture surveys from participates
  • Compile results of survey into an ongoing document of the success of each Discovery Session
  • Share photos and head counts with SCLT marketing staff
  • Working with SCLT Operations Assistant to capture each Discovery Sessions details

Qualifications: The successful Discovery Session Coordinator should demonstrate the ability to organize an informal event. Additionally, Discovery Session Coordinator should have past experiences in coordinating various schedules or community education programs. The successful Discovery Session Coordinator should demonstrate positive communication and social skillset and an interest to be out in the community as a face of SCLT. You will need your own transportation and technology.

Start/End Dates: May – October

How to Apply: Please send your proposal to Brad Bauer at director@sheridanclt.org with the title “Discovery Session Proposal”. You may also send questions about the opportunity to the same address. For your proposal, please include your bid for the full 6 months. Additionally, please include examples of your past work that highlight why you are the best choice for this role. Please limit your examples to four pages or less. Please click here for more details about the position.