River Rangers, Snake River

Position Title: River Ranger

Location: Snake River


  • Assist in the day-to-day management of the Wild & Scenic Snake River Canyon, including:
  • Regular patrolling on and off the river, with an emphasis on positive interactions with boaters and forest visitors.
  • Participate and practice on a regular basis to become familiar and proficient in river safety, radio communication, Search & Rescue, whitewater boating and the Forest Service mission.
  • Using first-hand knowledge from location training to answer visitor questions and inquiries regarding the Snake River and its tributaries, and its special Wild &Scenic status.
  • Responding to river and land-based emergencies to assist other agencies.
  • Partnering with personnel from the other programs at the Jackson Ranger District (and other organizations) to engage staff in broader educational efforts and goals of the Bridger-Teton National Forest.
  • Participate in record-keeping activities involved with whitewater, float fishing & other users of the Snake River.
  • Operating and maintaining Forest Service vehicles, whitewater rafting and kayaking equipment and tools.
  • Striving through leadership behavior and role-modeling to represent the boating community in the best possible way.


  • Knowledge of river hydraulics and whitewater skills to safely negotiate Class I-IV rapids in rafts or kayaks including Swiftwater Rescue skills and certifications.
  • Knowledge of techniques and experience relating to visitor contacts such as “Verbal Judo” and other ways that demonstrate friendly & positive interactions with the public.
  • Knowledge of basic first aid/CPR or higher certification for emergency response on or off the river.
  • Demonstrated experience working with a small group and/or team toward common goals and expectations.
  • Knowledge of non-profit organizations and outreach that could include river events and festivals to further Forest Service mission and goals.

Application Window: USA Jobs opening is September 29 through October 6! Please note: they are advertising GS-4, GS-5, GS-6, and if you apply for each position, chances are greater that you will get through the screening processes. This hiring window impacts when your start date would be (i.e. if you miss this window you would not be able to start until mid June!)  

How to Apply: Please use the USA Jobs website to apply during the hiring window. Please contact Kevin Kobe, kevin.kobe@usda.gov or by cellphone (435) 213-5242